Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Alice in Wonderland - my take on it

Have been thinking about the next club comp as it's book titles this time...... throughout the year I've looking round open to any opportunity for a book tittle pic, whilst I was at Whitby I saw this girl dress as Alice so I got a image of her . Then months earlier I had some door images from Calke Abbey, my daughter toy bugs bunny for the rabbit and a quick tour of the Burton wash lands one dinner with my flash and voila an masterpiece is born, well maybe. I painted a coat on Buggsy, put my watch pic in his hand some dodging and burning, and some resizing........

what do you think?

I was thinking of putting some cards in there as well but I haven't got round to it yet?


  1. Think you'd better edit your blog are you really into dogging?

  2. He! He! saw my mistake...... dogging now reads as dodging

  3. Only you can make the decision,but I worry about the rabbit though!! no wonder he is floating