Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Lighthouse

Had another go at editing the Portland Bill image, wanted to have a sort of Velvia film style of effect, and after Steve's advice remove the building etc from around the lighthouse.... comments appreciated?

3rd and final edit

2nd Edit

Original edit

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More Alrewas show

Had a look at my shots from the Alrewas show and I thought you might like to see these:

Not a hells angel in this mirror!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Alrewas show day

Heres a couple of images from the very rainy Alrewas show day

Saw these ladies rear-ends and wanted to take a shot at them..... and try the Top Gear effect

On the way back stopped in at the arboretum  and got this.... as shot

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weymouth Hols and time for some pics

Weymouth Ho, three families including the mother-in-law and four and a half hours travelling and a couple of wrong turns we arrived at Seaview holiday park, our home for the next week, first things first we unpacked the cleaning supplies and set to on our supposed 'clean' billet, a descale of the cutlery drawer, disposal of the years accumulation for food debris from the fridge and we were ready to start tackling the bathroom.

Once Paula was happy with the lodgings we unpacked and on the kids request headed  for the nightlife... or better known as .... children's hour, or five!

The second day arrived and the forecast was fine and we headed to the nearest suitable beach which was Weymouth, that was after loading all three cars with kids stuff, porta-potty, pram, sunbeds, beach umbrella and of course the kids. finding the beach to be shingle... well pebbles we set to in making it habitable ( had we have travelled another half a mile we would have found fine powdery golden sand! (imported).
The first job was making sure everyone was plastered in suncream (except the adults, who said it was teenagers who thought they we invincible! we all paid for it later on), just enough for any sand you could find stuck.

Buckets and spades were also deployed and promptly abandoned when the found that they couldn't dig stones.

Well at least some found something to look at!
In the afternoon after droping all the stuff back at camp, we headed back to town and found the sandy beach and much to the kids enjoyment a fair on it, the adults were hapy to as they had also an open air rock concert on the beach.
Some typical Art deco buildings at british seaside's

On the Monday after looking the weather forecast and was surprised that is was going to be sunny, I persuaded everyone to go to Lulworth bay, about five miles from our site, parking was about £5 for 3 hours, I wasn't happy with that especially after seeing the walk down..... for that price I would have expected a lift, the mother-in-law about had a coronary too!

Here's someone else who wasn't happy!

This one just wanted to make a run for it.... but didn't get far before they dragged him back.

Here's some picture postcard images for you to be going on with:

Man of War

Durdle Door bay

There's always someone getting in the way of the shot!

Bob Moore's not going to be happy there's a person in the landscape..... not sure who it is though

After the long climb back to the carpark and finding that we still had some time left on the ticket we headed to the village of West Lulworth for some cream teas (and the ticket remaining time could be used there) a very picturesque village and a couple of secret gardens
Tuesday came and so did the rain, so what do you do when the going gets tough... you head for the shops, so sorry to say no piccies on Tuesday

Wednesday came and we decided to risk the rain and head for portland Bill and the lighthouse there, very windy but warm and dry (mostly) this is when we arrived

and this is half and hour later!

The lens now electric and automatic

Wednesday came and we all went our separate ways, we decided to go to Corfe Castle, it's National Trust and we are members so it's free and so is the parking so a result for me.... it's about 17 miles from Weymouth so not to far to go.

Corfe is virtually the starting point for the steam railway line that goes to Swanage so another cheap bonus to keep the kids entertained. the track runs straight past the carpark on top of a small embankment and arriving in time to see the 13:35 steaming past.

As you can see a stones throw from the castle and it's village below

With plenty of things to do and see, but only any good at this venue in fair weather, luckily for us it was.
There's always one wanting to pick a fight! and it's always the short ones with chips on their shoulders!
And there always the one with a slogan t-shirt stating the obvious! and hogging the limelight
Down inn the picturesque village were some great watering holes, we didn't partake as we had brought a picnic, but I took the picture as I liked the look of it, what you don't see is the great thundering lorries driving though.

More to follow