Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Roaches & Sammy MK II

Here's a couple more from the Sammy shoot on the Roaches, one colour and the other in black and white for a more moody look!

I call this one Lost Love,  just some multiply on the clouds and burning to the surrounding to add atmosphere.

The working tittle for this one is The Lovers, some tweaks in Photoshop RAW and some burning around the edges. This is exactly the kind of look I was attempting very Wuthering heights?


  1. Great stuff Jimbo, moody atmospheric and very thought provoking,well done lovely shots,were getting there. We will have to organize another shoot when I get 5

  2. Love the top one Jimbo, exhibition quality.
    Should have had the chap in a wet shirt maybe, in which case give me a ring. xx