Friday, 3 June 2011

The red dress in the Roaches

Here's another shot from the Wuthering heights set in the Roaches with Sammy, this time she's in a red dress and... as Brucie would say 'doesn't it work well'

Obviously I call it 'The Red Dress'

This is virtually as shot except for my my favourite blending option for this month which is 2 x multiply layers erased back on Sammy and the surrounding area.

I considered some crop to put sammy more on the thirds but I think I prefer the one above more I think the clouds compensate and balance, what do you think?


  1. Great stuff again Jim but the sky looks to bright to the left of the model which distracts from the main subject also the big white algae blob at the models feet also very distracting

  2. Wow, great minds think alike... after posting these images I went on to do some more work on them which included removing some algae and darkening some highlights.

  3. Yes, for me top right corner is too bright, I'd also remove the sharp horizontal fold towards the bottom of the dress. Some great stuff you boys are producing. Liking the first one probably best which is making good use of the dramatic sky.

  4. Yea I had to shift some of them creases also