Friday, 29 April 2011


Blimey! left the midlands with a temperature of 23 deg C and arrived at Chapel St Leonards (nr Skeggy) and I'm sure there was a 10 deg drop plus the wind chill factor of another 10, so visits to the beach were in stints of seconds before frost bite set in. This image is one taken during those brief stints where my fingers still worked and either the sand or sea spray wasn't attempting to take my skin off my bones.

I was expecting a bit more scenery than I actually got, you know some dunes, maybe some rocks ....... there was bugger all, nadda nowt ! Ah well the kids and the dog loved it..... and have arrived back in time to see the wedding, that is if the telly works as I haven't checked it yet.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhh Jimbo shiver me timbers!!

    Think you picked the wrong end of the country mate,should have gone to London, me and the Gaff down there 27C last Saturday and near 40 C in the glass houses at kew.

    Looks suspiciously like a Whitby Sky to me mate are you sure that drift wood was located on the beach or did you borrow it from Ralph

  2. I did think about it but I bet four people plus one small dog can't stay in London for £6 per night, so settled for second best of Chapel St Leonards

  3. lovely composition, Jimbo.
    I can send you a robin to sit on log if you