Saturday, 26 February 2011


Here's a couple of shots from the day out with Eric and Steve in Leicestershire these two were taken in the morning whilst at a train station I cannot remember what it is called but they had one steam train come through all day (typically it was a diesel train day) and luckily we were there to catch it.....

And a diesel 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Backlighting and rim lighting

I have been following a photographer on Flickr I only know as Pnmd, and they have a particular way of producing a style of shot I really like see bellow:(not sure if it is the lighting or the models I like, Lol)

He produces this image initially very simply as bellow:

So after a morning with Eric working on some still life work with his light table and my artificial Spanish wall, I decided to try and recreate his style. as I had only two lights I had to compromise, one bare bulb strobe at the back and the Key light with an umbrella, and a small softbox later on, all set up in my meagre conservatory. The only models I had were my two ever helpful daughters and when they had gone to bed my wife Paula. Here is my initial setup, you can just see the bare bulb strobe on the left

These are the results of my efforts the first three are with the umbrella, and the last with Paula I used a softbox to soften her complexion, I also used a silver reflector to fill the shadows.