Friday, 3 December 2010

A Winter Walk to Work

I decided to walk to work today as the roads on our estate were like glass, so never wanting to mis a photographic opportunity I took my little 450D. My route took me from Midway along the A511 down to the Swan junction where I then detoured through the Stapenhill meadows and along the viaduct to the college. I got a couple of shots which I like.... what do you think?

 Bridge to the washlands from the viaduct

 The Trent viewed toward Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge


  1. Really nice Jimbo,shame about the pylon wires

  2. Hey you nicked pips heading idea, me to follow ;-))

  3. Hey....! maybe there there for the leading lines?

  4. Very good indeed, and I bet you enjoyed the walk as well.