Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bristol Trip

The annual Christmas outing of the Pixxel8 minus 3 (Ruth, Pete & Beck) was arranged, after some deliberation Bristol was the chosen location, now the next difficult decision was what time to go, I being a lazy B*!@D want a late start but I bowed to the masses so we set of at 06:30 HRS!! me driving and just 2 hours to Bristol in the fog, seeing mist scenes on the Mendips and surrounding countryside on the way.

We arrived and dully parked we search for a cafe to have breakfast and plan the day. one was found by the docks, ordered our food and found that the conveniences were inconveniently out of action, so Sub-Way next door sufficed.

I made a point of just using my 17 - 40mm wide angle zoom on my full frame camera to try and get different images of the same subject as the rest had medium to telephoto lens's, I hope I have achieved this?

It was still misty and overcast so we looked for interesting structure to fill the space of empty skies, we walked around the docks and river frontages all day, up to the Cathedral, with cafe stops along the way. At  the Bristol Museum we found a nice bench to rest whilst Eric surveyed the scene (well he was one a Quantity surveyor), back down to the docks and another walk round, stopping at a waterside pub for early dinner of Beef and ale pie (well for me anyway as they had only one portion left) Coca-Cola with not enough syrup! and Steve to pay for a pudding which never turned up!

Out again into the night to get some low light shots, Eric had forgotten his tripod so a rally round to loan one off each of us in turn, obligingly of course.

Turning 8 o'clock we headed back home for a cup of tea and bed.

Icebound at Bristol Docks




  1. Nice stuff Jimbo,think you need to loose the lighthouse and telegraph pole in the train shot

  2. Nice was your pie ??!!!!!
    like the nessie one .
    is your leg ok from the scrapping on the tracks ?
    nice day out even though the sky was crap !

  3. Hi Steve, you should have seen it before I took the TV aerial out

  4. Lovely colours and reflections in 'Nessie'

    Happy new year!

  5. yet again a nice selction, need to keep your eye open Jim, and you are good with photoshop. Thganks for driving(us all Mad- joke)some feat so early in the morning, but we all found something to photograph despite the weather. thanks for the loan of the tripod, used only once I know, but like Suz, any prop will do soemtimes. Still have lots more images. Where next.

  6. like your boat at the top, and loved your boat in this months BPS comp.
    Funny how we all treat the same subject so differently.

    I would love to see a really good studio shot of Paula and the girls together, maybe all in white Ts and jeans.