Friday, 19 November 2010

BPS Club Comp night

It's that time of the month again, yes I mean the monthly BPS club competition night has arrived.

All the Burton College group have done well again, Steve (digiphotoman) has moved up to the Advance projected and got a first place for his image taken at the lakes on a misty morning... excellent work Steve. Pip also did extremely well in the beginners prints section, I think a few of them should have moved up to the intermediate section to give me some fair competition, as they are well worthy and the sections are blurring between them all. If they were not tittled as beginners, intermediate and advanced you would be hard pressed to guess which section they are in.

I suppose you want to know how I did.... well OK them you twisted my arm and under duress I will tell you....!

In my section the Intermediate Prints for the second week running I managed a 1st place for my image titled Gunsmoke (and yes it was real smoke from the gun)

And I also managed to get a 2nd place spot for my image titles ' wind farm on the Dee estuary' this was taken from a field overlooking Colwyn Bay in Wales and they had to be about 2 miles from where I was so I used a 200 mm lens to reach them.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Location Shoot with Cars and Emma

Had an excellent car and model shoot as part of my college L3 Diploma course, all went well except the college flash equipment didn't have all the cables to allow me to use two out of the four flash units, we had a Rolls and Ferrari and a fabulous model 'Emma' here is a taster of the days shots, I call it 'Hi Rollin'

Here are some more from the day