Sunday, 10 October 2010

MCPF Seminar & Steven Le Prevost

Had an excellent day at the MCPF seminar held at our Burton Photographic Society Club headquarters in the Priory Centre in Burton.

There were four speakers of excellent reputation and quality, amongst them was Steven Le Provost a creative photographer and digital artist.... wow what great pictures, I say pictures rather that photographs as most of his work is heavily Photoshopped, items dragged from here and there and inserted into various backgrounds, foregrounds and anywhere else he feels would creatively enhance his work. One of the areas that interested me was his use of blurring, texturing and introducing noise to his pictures to create soft atmospheric scenes, as soon as I say them it was like a lightbulb switching on to that photograph that I have from years back when I first got a digital camera... this picture had been waiting patiently for years ready to show it self when the time was right.

Well as soon as I got home I dung it out and set to to bring out my creative side in the style of Steven's.... here it is:

I call it summer days.....

What have I done to it, a bit of dodging, some Gaussian blur, noise and a layer of clouds with the opacity  reduced.... what do you think?


  1. Yes, what a fab day and trust you to be still playing at 10.00pm. I think we need more textures, I'm going to have a look round the barns. I'm not sure if his people were smaller and maybe a square crop but I like yours.

  2. What a good effort for the first time round. The judge I was sitting next to would place this type of image first!
    I see you were up late again to do this.
    A fab day with lots of inspiration.