Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Rat Pack

Just got back from a great night at Conkers with Dean, Frank and Sammy collectively known as the Rat Pack.

We were invited by Wayne, AKA Dean Martin to come and photograph their tribute band when they played at Conkers auditorium, what a great night loads of atmosphere, good music and a couple of sexy dancers thrown in what more could you wish for..... here's some images, all of them taken without flash and shutter speeds at a min of 1/100 sec, ISO min 800 and a max of 3200:

Dean and the Showgirl                                                        Sammy belting it out

Frank making an entrance

                Dean and his drink

Old blue eyes

The Showgirl                                                               The Rat Pack

Center Stage

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  1. Wicked Jimbo, you got some good stuff here. Not a flash in sight,can't believe we were bought up on 400 iso, oh the joys of 6400 and hardly any noise in sight