Thursday, 26 August 2010

A rainy night at Branston

The day was sunny and bright, I got my camera out to go to the Club meeting at Branston golf club to have a walk along the river.... then getting the car it happened, rain! just a smidgen at first by the time I got to Burton it was truly a downpour. Not wanting to let my comrades down I pressed on to see if anyone was as delusional as me...... you wouldn't believe it but there was Eric, umbrella in hand and camera bag over his shoulder patiently waiting. So now the two of us stood patiently waiting .... and waited ... and waited, and after a very long minute we decided sod it! lets get a drink. just as we were sitting down two other stalwarts, Lu and Ralph arrived and made it four.

We decided that there was nothing better to do that make a night of it me and Eric on the Smirnoff and Coors and Lu and Ralph on the hard stuff.... J2O, well it was Cranberry J2O.

Whilst sitting there setting the photography world to rights we started taking pictures, and blow me Eric gets a kiss from a female and was propositioned... to take some pictures of the newly changed bar area. So off he go's with his trusty 20 year old table tripod and his brand new 5D MKII, sprawling himself across the bar to get  'the' picture.

I meanwhile I, not wanted to exert myself stayed in my comfy chair and put on my f2.8 70-200mm.

Here's some pics to prove it:

The 19th Hole

ISO 1600
1/40 sec
180.0 mm

Eric at close quarters

ISO 1600
1/640 sec & Speedlite
105.0 mm

Left on the shelf

ISO 1600
1/125 sec
180.0 mm

The last Smirnoff

ISO 1600
1/10 sec
70.0 mm

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  1. What, no Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps? You big horse's hoof.