Saturday, 14 August 2010

North Wales coast

Another family holiday in our trusty caravan, staying at a lovely CL site in Old Colwyn. As always my camera in hand to capture those precious moments, sadly though I can never be in them, Secretly I'm hoping my eldest daughter will show an interest in taking pictures, I have given her my old 2MP Sony Cyber-shot digital camera we'll have to see how she develops. Apart from staying in Old Colwyn we visited Rhyl, Llandudno and the Great Orme and Conwy. Heres a few images to be going on with:

This is the view from the CL site, which is the wind farms out to sea in the Dee Estuary.

This is the disused and derelict Colwyn Pier.

And this time with a sunset.

Views from Llandudno.

A Hawk over Conwy Castle.

And lastly one of those precious moments on Conwy harbour front just outside the smallest house in Great Britain. At least the golden rule of portrait composition is right, three is an odd number isn't it?


  1. Nice pickies Jim,did you get some comp winners?
    You've got some competition now,the Gaffer's got a 5D, so he's up'ed his game. Said he was changing his name to Lord Bitchfield now,don't know where he gets his idea's from

    The Gaffer and I will be compiling all our comp winners next week down the smoke,prepare to have your bottey kicked!!

    c u soon

  2. Great photographs Jim, I like the sunset - now that is what we were looking for at Wales, still Wales meet again ;-)

  3. Hi Steve,
    does this mean that you two are moving up to the next level with me?

    Hi Pete,
    I still cannot get onto your blog can you email me your blog address.

  4. Great photies Jim.
    And good news if you are all moving up!
    C u soon

  5. Hi Jim, I have sent you my blog address via your contact form on your site.