Wednesday, 4 August 2010

leading lines....

Having seen Eric's leading lines I decided to have a look at my images from the holiday to Filey to see if I had subconsciously or consciously included any leading lines in them, whilst going through them it became apparent that there was some attempt to include leading lines into some images, have a look at the following images and comment on whether:

a) they constitute a leading line
b) the leading line improves the shot
c) the line should be leading towards something


  1. Hi Jim
    I was watching a bit on the One Show last night about an 8 yr old artist (who had sold £150,000 worth of pics) and was compared to Picasso at that age. His pics were said to be great because they 'drew you into the landscape'.
    I think all of you pics are doing just that, by using lines in a variety of ways.
    Great stuff. Ilove the chooks too, great lens work.