Thursday, 26 August 2010

City & Guilds College Courses

Hi all,
I have just been speaking to Chris, who the Program Area Manager at the College, we were talking about enrolment on the up and coming photography courses, which are staring on Sat 18th September for 16 weeks in 4 hour sessions.
During the conversation, it became apparent that there will a few changes to the course program....

The first main one is that you will be able to work on whatever City and Guilds unit you want, independently from the rest of the students.

There will be fixed 1-hour tutorials in each Saturday class these may be on techniques or other artists in the style of etc etc.

Lastly, Chris suggested that he might participate in the classes/ tutorials thus giving a broader range of teaching input.

If you want to enrol just turn up at one of the enrolment days, alternatively as a last option turn up on the course day and enrol then. If you are not sure which units you want to progress, you will be sorting this out on the first class, for more information have a look at the city and guilds website for 7512 photography

Looking forward to this next course and … the new BPS club year!


  1. Thanks for this, Jim, very useful.

  2. Hi Jim, I spoke to Chris yesterday about enrollment. He told me that he would put my name on a list for the course and I would receive a letter. Enrollment (however you spell it (not IT)) starts on Thursday 2nd September. Do you know who else will be joining us ?

  3. Very useful, Jim. But any idea of cost?