Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Tutbury Skirmish

After the BPS digital morning, which I thought was a reasonable success (well nobody complained and they were still awake at the end) I had heard that there was going to be a rumble at Tutbury Castle between the Redcoats and some others not in uniform, so off I trundles me, my camera in the trusty Picanto, running around 55 mpg and £30 tax, to Tutbury Castle to shout scramble then shoot the pursuing scrap. I though that it would be rained off looking at the oncoming clouds but it held off just in time for the skirmish and my battery failing on the last shots (mine and theirs).

Here's a few pics for those who didn't make it:

                           Jack                                           Time for action

Lone Watch

At Arms

   Go on men!

In my sights

Fire at will


The Queen Vic

Those left behind

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  1. Great stuff. Sorry to miss the Sunday session but looking forward to seeing you all soon.
    Pip xxx