Monday, 21 June 2010

The Stag, Hen and Fathers day

Well the Stag night arrived for my future brother in law. Unfortunately the best man didn't.... so on we soldiered to ‘The Mill House’ and finally to the hip and happening’ ‘Beeches’ at Stretton. The usual copious rounds of lager, shots and Smirnoff’s were consumed followed by a few rounds of pool, and nearly ended the night with a fight between the locals and the newcomers, I wasn’t sure if they thought their women folk were more interested in us! I cannot think why they would consider this an option having seen their women folk even with our beer goggles on!

On the flip side, the next morning I had a meeting with Tricia the Bride to be at the Newton Park Hotel in Newton Solney. I arrived early and ordered a cup of tea with one lump of sugar, nursing a small headache from the previous night. I waited for the happy couple to arrive, Joe had agreed to be my second shooter (thanks Joe) and was coming to sit in the meeting, A total opposite to the previous evening, well mannered and civilised.

We discussed their photo requirements, special arrangements such as the Nan in a wheelchair complete with oxygen cylinder, and finally conducting a tour of the venue to specify locations. I must say you cannot beat a good venue; it definitely makes a wedding and definitely helps the photographer, plenty of space, plenty of location to take photos (weather permitting).

The Bride and Groom departed leaving Joe and me to have one final tour of the venue taking some test shots.

On arriving home, I was greeted by my two children, who I had left peacefully sleeping two hours earlier, who were now full of energy and mischievousness dragging me to see my presents of a jumper, some cards and a pile of half eaten home made cakes, swigging grape cordial from a previously emptied half wine bottle, arguing respectively when the other had a drink.

Lunch was provided on the patio, a visit to Branston water park, and Doctor Who on the telly finished off an eventful and pleasant weekend.

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