Sunday, 27 June 2010


Had a great location shoot with Lhotte, the location was Calke in the grounds of the tree avenue leading up the drive. I had a glamourous assistant called Eric who was in charge of the lighting. As it was a bright sunny day and we were shooting at 1pm I knew that shooting in full sun would be a no no, so I positioned Lhotte under the trees and bounced in reflected light, we had various types of reflectors we tried gold first but that was too much, white was too subtle so we settled on a mix, one of my Lastolite tri-flectors panels has a gold and silver mix and this seemed to work well. Lhotte came with a couple of dresses as I had briefed her on the style of shoot which was a sort of editorial, summer long flowing dresses kind of thing, she came with a make up artist, but we wanted subtle make up, a kind of natural look.

I was using my Canon 5D MKII with a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens as I wanted to use maximum aperture to blur the background.  the following images have been edited for white balance and a small crop only, I will be editing further when I get chance.

This first one started off leaning on the fence but the fill in was catching the fence creating and unnatural look. so we brought her forwards and this was the result

A change in location and pose on this one on the right, as the sun was in and out of the clouds we tried some fill in flash, I don't think it has quite worked

This one was taken from a series of shots where I asked Lhotte to stroll towards the camera this was in full sun with no fill.

Another change in tree with a better less distracting background and back to reflector fill.

A change of clothes and the other side of the tree away from any dappled light again with fill from a reflector which was about 20 foot away.

And finally a tribute to the dress, a lioness pose, Grrrr...! again making sure she was in the shade with some fill. Reminds me of the Austin Powers shoot video

all parties left happy with a suggestion of another shoot this time down by the lake/ ponds.

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