Tuesday, 8 June 2010

L3 Reasons for choice of presentation media

I have decided to use a double pronged attack on my choice of presentation. The first thing I would like to say is that you just cannot beat having a real tangible photograph, a piece of paper with an image on it, you can feel it live it move it, It's a tactile thing and seeing images that have not been electronically backlit in natural light presents the image always at its best. The down side is, in this day and age everything comes down to one thing cost versus benefit.... its a sad way but a fact, therefore I have decided to pick my two favourite images and get them printed by an online printer, they will be in a matt sheen or their description 'Lustre' which has a slight sheen with a dimpled effect, this has a quite pleasing appearance neither full gloss and not totally flat. I will be mounting these prints in a 400mm x 500mm mount, cut with an aperture to suit the image. This is standard practice for national and international competitions and presentation. Moreover, of course it preludes people handling the print itself as obviously the prints being only paper are very fragile and easily permanently damaged. The major downside of prints is storing them their size alone takes up space and eventually they will degrade, fade and fall apart.

I have yet to calibrate my home printer to achieve its best printing. So I use an online printer called DS Colours labs in Manchester, they are very reliable, with excellent quality and fast with an almost next day service with the benefit of also being cheaper that home printing, aside from the postage, to offset the postage I always try to get as many images printed as possible within the postage price. For an example of their cost, a 16”x 12” print in gloss costs £1.05. As for the rest of my images I have put all of them on to a CD saved as a high quality Jpg file, I have numbered each image #001 to #010 with either a P= Product or F = Fashion to signify their respective theme. In my blog entries, I have named each image to represent the style theme and subject matter, such as F001 the white hat.

I do feel that this medium is inferior to the printed medium; I have also found that in internal club competitions my projected images never score as high a mark as my printed. However the digital method of presentation does have some positive attributes, such as the can be reproduced at a touch of a button, sent to a third party or exhibition easily and quickly. They (once backed up and copied) are very durable and the most important one in my opinion is that they can be seen by many people in different places throughout the world if you so desired by the medium of the World Wide Web. Finally, you can store unlimited amounts of digital images on a small hard drive.

I did have a thought of putting my images onto a slide show or DVD show as I would for one of my wedding presentations,  I personally dislike videos and slideshows as they tend to be longwinded and always have excessive fade ins or tacky fade in effects such as blinds or dissolve, it is also difficult to linger on an image that the viewer likes. The only time I think they work is if it's a very short and fast presentation with a variety of images to keep the viewer interested, and it would need some decent music, but as music tastes are a personal thing getting it right is very difficult. the only pros I can think of is that you can set them going and walk away.

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