Thursday, 10 June 2010

A day in the Dales

A trio of lads had an idea to go a wandering.... one said theres gold in them thar hills, fields full of it, buttercups and things! so the three set off in search of golden moments captured on premium circuitry. 70 miles, numerous stops and a watering hole called the Bluebell and 7 hours or so later they came home, defeated. bad light and overcast skies had set in for the day.

here's some pics as a record....

Cool Waters

The three came a thundering

Through the arched window

Man down


  1. aaaarrrhhh Jem, looks like we had a weido stalking us in that thar last shot,you know what tham tharr cunry bumkinns are like out thar in them thar sticks.

    youd think he'd got berrer thangs ta do wi is time

  2. Great pics from the dales, like this layout for your blog much better, looks more professional!