Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A day at the races

Today's the day we!, well Amelia has been training for, It's the annual school sports day, Amelia's first.  I booked the day off, Paula was going to work late to cover her hours and Imogen.... we she was just happy to be out of nursery with her parents. Me being me I took my Canon 5D MKII and my Sigma 70-200mm set at f/2.8.

We dropped Amelia of at school for 9 and the three of us trundled round to the park, that is next to her school and were they were holding the sports day. the lines were marked and the markers were set.

With just enough time to take Imogen to the swings, 

The slide and the climbing frame

and a quick run around
Before the start of the races at 9:30 

out they came the children on one side and the spectators on the other, there were cheers from the parents, I though at one point there was money on the game the way they were egging their children on! 

There were bean bag races and jumping through hoops , for a moment I thought I was back at the office!

then time to relax and applause at the next batch of competitors...

and a wave goodbye from little sis back they went thought the school gate. 

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