Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ashend House Farm

We decided to have a day out to celebrate Imogen's 3rd birthday, which is on Monday, Paula had heard about this farm with lots of things to do.... like feeding the animals... and feeding some more animals and.... looking at animals. So as Amelia is Coeliac we made our own packed lunch, ham sandwiches, crisps and strawberries and cream all packed in a coolbox and off we set. Ashend Farm is at Middleton near Tamworth about half an hour away. the kids were ecstatic as we arrived.

Of course I took a camera, this time I used my Canon 450D at it was light and small, I also decided to use a prime lens for the same reason, my Canon 50mm f1.8 fitted the bill as the 450 has a cropped sensor 50mm becomes approximately 70-90mm, I'm not sure exactly. Because I wanted to remove any background images most on my images were taken with an aperture of f1.8, f2.8 and a couple of f4.0.

Feeding time

I'm not sure about this?

Yoda says let the force be with you!

strutting  her stuff
But some ones giving her the evil eye!

That old chestnut 

Wild hair 1

and 2

Picnic time

Wheres Mum

On the bench

A pig

Pull the Udder one!

Sleeping Beauty


 Time for home

and one last treat

A good day had by all and I think another visit could be on the cards as it's a good place to visit even when it's raining as most of the animals are in sheds.


  1. Great selection of shots, Jim. I love the last lolly shot. It might be a nice place to take my Australian nephews to. Great aperture work and focus.

  2. Thanks Pip,
    I do love the 50mm f1.8 lens but it's a bit long on the cropped sensor, I had to do a lot of backing up to get things in shot, but get for close crop portraits,

    Cheers Jim :)

  3. Great stuff Jim, I never got there as the Girls took Tom and his mates. Good place to go though. Nice to see you got a shot of Paula.