Tuesday, 4 May 2010


On the way to Derby on Sunday coming across Swarkestone bridge and looked across towards Weston on Trent and saw this I've created two layers one exposed for the Rape field and the other for the sky then put them together and erased part of the top layer to reveal the other layer underneath creating the perfect exposure without a graduated filter, do you think it works?

ISO 400
1250 sec 
focal length 75mm


  1. Churchill say's OOHHHHHH Yes Jimbo............
    ..the joys' of photoshop!!

  2. Interesting,but looks a little strange since the rape seems to be glowing.

    I havn't had a play with layering yet but hope to very soon, I need a few pointers from Steve.

  3. For me oil seed rape fields are a bit like brussel sprout fields, not particularly attractive or interesting. The yellow colour is a bit too loud for the English country side. I like the lines leading through and the 3 trees on the right

  4. Wow, Jimbo great stuff, and you have the technique so keep up the good work. Classic scene and you got it well and the sky looks great, just keep the shake to minimum!! maybe a smaller aperture, maybe ?? great stuff.

  5. Thanks all for the comments,

    Pip I would have normally plonked a model in ther middle of it but I hadn't got one to hand, maybe next time. I also wanted to give the yellow a boost to perhaps gave it too much. Eric I was dodging cars at the time of taking, have you seen the footpath on that bridge!

  6. Lovely composition, and it was a very dark day wasn't it! Yes I think the two layers work well, and I love these yellow fields, especially with a stormy sky.