Saturday, 1 May 2010

L3 Watches & Wine

To finish off my final images on my products theme I decided to get some images of my watch which would link in to one of my fashion shots where it would be included in to it. The other image would be of a wine bottle again as I has some bottles of wine this helped enormously, it came in a wooden box as well (there were three bottles of wine but we had drunk two).


The original shot along with the process flow in photoshop's Camera RAW editing, this is ideal for quick tweeks such as white balance and exposure

I quite like this inverted image as well an alternative look, different from the norm, maybe I can inverse a fashion shot to match?

This is one of my shot that I concidered as one of my final 10, but after studing it I didn't think it was strong enough a composition, I think the bottle was too close to the back ground and the lighting was a little flat with no life in the image.

this was the process flow of my editing all to no avail, oh well it's good practice

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