Monday, 10 May 2010

L3 Fashon Finished Images

Here are my selected final images, they are not quite finished being edited or cropped so stick with me on this one..... all of them were shot with the same lighting setup of a single side lighting at 45 degrees to the model, close to a white background to produce a shadow, all were taken in the College studio except No6 'Red Dress' this was taken at the models home with my studio equipment. all the shadows will be edited to enhance the definition of them and some crop, No 9 The gun will have a gun photoshopped in her hand, I thought it could have a bit of a James Bond look about it.

1. the white hat

This has been cropped to close in to the product , it could be advertising Jeans, Boots or could be a background image.

2. the white hat take 2

Similar to above

3. tippin the hat

Mmmmm. there getting a bit samey now!

4. check shirt 'n' denim skirt

?! and my shadow

OK here's a different pose, could be used for a tight/ boots ad.

6. Red Dress

A similar shot to the Holly Willoughby series as seen on a previous blog entry.

7.  Hitchin' a lift

again not much done to this except a tighter crop

 8. black Dress

Exactly the same treatment as above. but with a different pose.

9. my name is Bond

this one I wanted to have the look of a james bond girl style complete with add in gun

10. legs

This one was intended as a tight advert and to emphasise Kelly's legs I have lengthened then, not much else done except a tighter crop.

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    All images have been well recorded and clearly show the range of images taken. This along with other associated blogs will meet this criteria.P6