Wednesday, 21 April 2010

No time to mess...

I've no time to mess about.... but still I can't resist! here's a couple of images that I've been working on.

The first is a montage, a series of pics quickly taken randomly of my living room and pasted them onto a blank canvas. I lined them up first by reducing the opacity of each layer then matching up to each other as best that I could,I eraised sections ofthe center overlaps for a beter image. I think the main problem was that I should have kept the plane of the camera level on a horizontal axis that way I wouldn't have diferent converging verticals, or better still got up out of my comfy armchair!

The next is a more selective range of pics specially taken with this image in mind, it's from the Wales in April trip.  I put a graduated layer on all the pics in photoshop RAW then imported all the layersk on to a white canvas and then lined up in the same way as the previous image, I erased  around layla on all but the first layer, brought them back to 100% opacity and cropped to suit.

I think I will have to remove the big rock as it may be a little distracting

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