Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Crap Photography

I entered a local photog competition, my scores were 17-18 out of 20. I know that I lack behind the qualities of photog friends Pip Steve and Eric,who are in a different league regularly scoring 20's. I'm also not as physically attractive,but I'm hoping to save up for some plastic surgery

Iv'e got all the gear but no idea!!


  1. Never mind Jim, keep practising. It might help not to enter so many competitions.. concentrate on random cropping and borrow a simpler camera?

  2. I think those breast implants were not a good idea and I guess it's too late to get rid of the tattoos. I will show you how your camera works if I get a minute.

  3. What can I say Jim.

    I am sure it will come with time, just remember to take some simple steps, like taking the lens cap off, logging out, etc and you wont go wrong.

  4. Thanks All! for the helpful comments ...... and other help as well ! I'll just have to keep trying to keep up... and make sure I log off before leaving a room LOL :-)

  5. Piddle me pants!! Sorry to hear your have having some issues Jim. I suggest you start by buying a monthly photg mag and also have a go at modeling yourself,this would get you use to a camera.

    With regard the plastic sugery, we have some 3D model making courses in college,maybe they could knock you up some bits? Sorry to hear about your boobies!

    If you don't get the hang of it buddy,there's always Photoshop.Remember a Camera never lies but Photoshop does x

  6. Past masters always do well, keep taking the course of tablets and all will be well.