Sunday, 18 April 2010

L3 - Studio Fashion shoot

Ok day had arrived, the plans had been made and put into writing and a image crib sheet, The model (Kelly) had arrived and was getting ready, The set up was very basic, but I think effective, a single hard light constrained by barn doors, as below. the power was set to 3 and the modelling lamp turned way down to open up the models iris giving a better look. I wanted to get a strong shadow coming from Kelly and to better define it I positioned her as close to the rear background as possible, the background wall had a curve at the bottom of it and stopped us from getting right up to it and also produced a curved shadow. In hind sight I should have set up a solid background wall without a curve.

Equipment used:
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 24-105mm EF f/4.0 L series lens
Bowens 1000w flash with modeling light
Barn doors attachment
Standard studio seamless solid background.

Safety requirements for this is minimal all lighting is suspended and the tripod is a heavy duty type
There were going to be three basic ideas all based around fashion and fashion products such as clothes or accessories.
We started of with a jeans and denim skirt fashion shots seated on a wooden box and standing.

The usual editing of Patch, Clone, Blur and levels

ISO - 100
Shutter Speed - 160 Sec
Aperture - f/10.0
Focal length - 75.0 mm


I thought this one looked good with more of a crop?

The next were to be more formal dresses and could also be used in a hosiery advertisement.

I got this idea from the Armani advertising shoot with Megan Fox (See right) which is very similar  but without as much shadow on the background.

To better emphasise her legs as well as the usual edit I also lengthened Kelly's legs.


  1. Great stuff here Jim, your work is getting more professional every day, wicked!

  2. Hi
    Can you start to evidence your light power settings in terms of F stops instead of power numbers as this will raise the level of accuracy in your work to distinction level.
    You need to, carefully scan the criteria sheets to see what others you can claim for and I will then check that.


  3. Hi
    Also can you do a comparison to your research and compare and contrast your work to identify what you have added to your work that has come directly from your research.


  4. Hi
    Planning and preparing a range of photography shoots and organising models.
    All studio photography has been clearly evidenced and f stops / ISO and apertures clearly recorded.
    P4 criteria met as labelled.


  5. Hi
    The planning and preparation of all your photography shoots has been well recorded.
    Also the blogs show clear and precise evidence of all equipment used along with all technical f stops, apertures and shutter speeds recorded.
    You have met the criteria C3.