Wednesday, 28 April 2010

L3 Products Finished Images..... Almost

Here are some of my finished images, I haven't quite finished my final selection or editing yet and these could be replaced.....


1. A New Generation

even though this wasn't taken in a studio or even taken as an intended for one of my selected images, though after messing about with it that maybe this could be included.

I like this image mainly because 
a) it has a Coca-Cola bottle in it, and obviously links in with my other Coca-Cola product shot.
b) it has a similar theme to some of the adverts I'd seen on other Coca-Cola adverts, I think it has a summery, fresh  feeling. It was taken against the sun with a fill in flash.
c) It has my daughter in it.
The text is used was to give the idea that the product was to be used by a new generation of consumers, namely a new generation of young people whilst still keeping in with the older generation as it has still the same old taste. 

2. It's the taste!

I obviously had to call it that, it's synonymous with this brand, and the word 'drink' was also a Coca-Cola strap line in the 50's. This was the type of image I was striving for, although originally it was a can of Coca-Cola. I positioned the glass and the bottle so that the opposite curves mirrored each other, and they are positioned on a thirds line within the image, along with the text they are also loosely working with Fibonacci's Spiral.

The lighting used in this image was positioned at the side almost 90 degrees to the glass and bottle, this emphasised the shape and texture of the products by creating highlights and shadows, along with the ice cool droplets creating a depth to the image. I was also intending to create some energy within the image by putting splashes and droplets of Coke on top of the glass, I still may try to achieve this as at the the moment the image lacks something and is very static. I decided to just have a crop on the glass showing the logo?  which I think better emphasises the product.

3. Emirates

As it says on the tin, this is a product shot of some of the Emirates airline handouts (Thanks Pip) a straight simple shot with a reflection to add depth to the image, simple flash through umbrella lighting to the left  of the image, a flash with a softbox underneath, perspex on top of the softbox and a reflector on the right to fill shadows.

4. Dolce & Gabbana

This was another simple lighting setup similar as the Emirates image but instead of a softbox back lighting the product this image needed to create an alluring dark style and by putting a black background under the perspex I think this has been achieved.

5. The Watch

This image is a crop from a head and shoulder shot taken during the practice session before the main studio shoot, it was taken with this end image in mind, this is one of Kelly's own design of watches and may hopefully make it onto her website selling her products.

Again very straightforward lighting one softbox up high at the front and a Tr-flector reflecting the light from underneath, after a bit of work in photoshop to emphasise the watch as the main product it was finished, I feel this image has a high quality classy feel to it

6. Tiara by Kelly

Another product from Kelly this time a tiara, same process as the two above, similar feel and look, I think this would look at home in a wedding accessories brochure.

7. Citizen on black

This was the first subject I had after I had decided to have products as one of my themes, I have a passion for watches anyway so the natural thing for me to do was to take a picture of one. It was taken in my softbox with a card background, natural light with an ajustable halogen table lamp putting a bit of fill in on the lower text of the case. again the shadows and highlights create depth to the image. I think this would fit nicely into one of Citizens catalogues.

8. Citizen

This is a crop from a fashion shoot image. The watch is taken from the above image and pasted in along with some text. as the original image didn't have enough space for the text and watch the extra was cloned in.

9. All on the thirds

 These last two I have chosen to show example of different techniques in lighting other than studio lighting

This one was taken in my little light box and the light use was a halogen desk lamp, I used a shallow depth of field to emphasise the front sweet, each sweet is placed on a line of thirds.

10. The Vase

This image was taken using a speedlite flash ti fill and tungsten room lighting, the vase was set up on a black card and both images were adjusted for white balance and crop in photoshop


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