Monday, 8 March 2010

L3 Thierry Bearzatto - Products and Fashion

Thierry Bearzatto -

Well known for his dramatic lighting effects and Elegant Images, Thierry, a frenchman now living and working in LA, who originally started working in fashion and advertising photography in Paris

Thierry has links with Scott Meyer as an associate, DDB Needham Agency, along with other prestigious clients such as Honda Cars, Sony, Toyota, Hitachi. All of these clients are wanting high spec, classy images to suit their products.

Here's some info I could find:

Objective: Make the New Bottle Ad look like it was breaking out of a shell; old packaging.
Project: There was a hero beauty shot aspect with general clean up and packaging refinement. The other part was the Egg Shell aspect. The Agency did not realize they brought the wrong size quart size instead of the pint size. So after we shot it ( film ) and retouched it, I had to start over again and shorten the packaging and redo the cover art on the old packaging. The egg shells were stripped in and i pushed the cracked aspect. I traced and recreated the cracks on the eggs with paths and painting. Transferring and perfecting the thin/thick lines on the outside of the old packaging and the separate pieces and folds.

Agency: DDB Needham, Dallas 
Photographer: Thierry Bearzatto

Alongside his advertising photography Thierry also has his own personal work:

I love the look of Thierry's work especially the one's using liquids, fantastically lighted and a lot of setting up I bet, I've contacted Thierry with the hope of getting some info on how he does this kind of thing, or at worst where to find about about him, such as magazines or books because I cannot find anything on the web! just pictures. I suppose the only think I could do is experiment to try and work it out myself.

Hitachi TV Ad

Those legs are apearing everywhere, I've just had a flooring supplier email with their cover page sent to me via email

With the picture above there is an initial single point that i am drawn to which is the mans eyes which are in sharp focus, when ever eyes are in a picture it is always good practice to do this as it is human impulse to first try to recognize someone. the legs which are in the shape of a triangle frame framing the main subject leading you in to it. The lighting again uses a strong side lighting which helps to emphasize the subject shape and giving more depth to the image. in this picture there has been two separate side/ back lights, we know this because there are two distinct shadows coming from the shoe heel which again creates a better shape. The strap line or text is positioned again between the legs so that you complete the triangle which brings you back to the beginning of the mans eyes which then starts the cycle again

There is always going to be similarities with other photographers or you could say influences?

I find that a lot of Thierry's work is also low key with dramatic one sided lighting creating shadow which define the form of the item being photographed be it a person or an product.

This picture again has a strong side light, with a different subject which is highlighting the curves and shapes of the car giving a 3D depth to the picture, the light has been diffused to that there are no hot spots just different shades, you could almost touch the car and feel the texture.


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    This is a better blog and is more detailed and discusses shapes and patterns and light directions, etc it is more of a C2 but with it applied somewhere to your work can then become a D2.


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    you also need to focus on say 6 images from that photographer and comment on what is a similar theme and add it to your work.


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