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L3 Tangents Newsletter - Fill Flash Special

Tangents - March 2010 newsletter
Monday, 15 March, 2010 12:11:48


Neil van Niekerk <>

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photography by Neil van Niekerk

newsletter - March '10

Hi there James

It's been quite a while since the initial two newsletter emails last year, and much has happened since then. So it's perhaps time to catch up again.


The big news here is that I have phased out the planetneil domain name, and have moved the Tangents blog over to my new site. The entire site was moved over, with all the articles and comments. In fact, all your old bookmarks will still work.

It's not merely a new domain name, but the website is now hosted on a VPS (virtual private server), which should offer much faster speeds than before. It will hopefully help make visiting the site an even better experience with little delay.

new articles on Tangents:

I have tried to consistently add two or more articles a week to the Tangents site. Of the posts which have received the most attentionin the past few months, have been:

my top 20 tips for flash photography,

bounce flash and direction of light,

flagging your bounce flash,

balancing flash and ambient exposure,

combining flash and ambient light,

lighting for boudoir photo sessions,

flash and low ambient light - a bit of a panic attack,

when aperture does not control flash exposure,

bounce flash examples at wedding receptions,

mimicking soft window light by using flash,

lighting the wedding formals - part 1, part 2 and part 3,

giving your images more punch in Photoshop,

a portrait of Chanel, a price-winning whippet.

Oh, and I've also recently moved over to using a Mac.

guest posts on Tangents:

To add variety to the material on Tangents, I've featured guest posts by other photographers. Among the standout posts, are:
Chuck Arlund - simple on-location lighting techniques,

Stephanie Zettl - what inspires you and your work?

Mark Pawlyszyn - Going Above and Beyond.

Arnold Gallardo - Zone System revisted.

Alive for 365

My good friend Scott Bush started a 365 project this year: Alive for 365. The idea with a 365 project is to take one photograph a day. But instead of taking the task upon himself, Scott roped in 6 of his friends, myself included. We each get to contribute an image a week, thereby easing the load from just one photographer having to produce such a huge number of photographs on a personal project.

Scott also decided that he wanted this project to have more meaning, and he is making available 10 prints of each daily photograph. These 10 prints will be sold at a very affordable $20 per print; with the profit going to the American Cancer Society. Follow us on Twitter.

You can also see my weekly entries for the 365 project, on Tangents.

Topaz Adjust 4

The one plug-in for Photoshop that I often use to punch up my images in post-production, is Topaz Ajust, and it has recently been updated to version 4. It's one of the most versatile and easy to use pieces of software for image enhancement. It's also very affordable.

With this image of the week, I used Topaz Adjust, and I also describe more about my approach to a photo session, and the post-processing of a particular favourite image.

If you do order Topaz Adjust (or any Topaz product) through this affiliate link, use the discount code: planetneil for a 15% discount off any item in your shopping cart. (There is also another time-limited discount in effect on their website.)

workshops and seminars

I just returned from WPPI 2010 in Las Vegas where I presented a masterclass on the topic of flash photography.

You can still check out my latest wedding and portrait photography on Facebook.
You can also follow me on Twitter.

And as always, I answer questions about flash photography and photography in general on Tangents, and also on the Flickr group for flash photography. Join us there.

Finally, one small favour that I'd like to ask. Could you please add the country and state to your mailing list info, if it hasn't been updated yet. (There is a link at the bottom.) It does help in keeping better track of everything.

Thank you, and do keep in touch.

Neil van Niekerk

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