Saturday, 13 March 2010

L3 Studio practice session

My first practice studio session is pending, I need to organize all the materials that I will require to enable me to complete. I suppose the first thing would be an idea of what finished look or advert I want to end up with, then work backwards.

The end result that I want is a branded container in the right hand foreground, perhaps only half of the container, then with a glass of some sort in the left hand background filled with the liquid and an ice cube dropping into the glass creating a splash.

How do I achieve this look, I will a Coca-Cola can (or bottle) and glass, some Coca- Cola drink, ice cubes and some way off keeping them frozen until used. Some baby oil to put on he can, or bottle then get an atomizer to spray water on the can, or bottle to achieve the fresh enticing look...

After scouring the local supermarkets in town for a glass bottle with no avail I went to Sainsbury's and found them, so I got two six packs of the regular and one pack of diet just in case! My sister-in-law found a plastic Coca-Cola glass mimicking the shape of the bottle but the opposite way round so hopefully they would match.

I set to taking a couple of test shots for size and layout on a white back ground, taking a shot of them separately then merging them in photoshop, as I did this quickly shooting in AV and didn't use the manual setting which gave me different exposure and made a bit more work in photoshop trying to blend the backgrounds. Post production was creating a blank layer then importing the two photos into the new layer positioning then to match the curve of the bottle and glass, then to acheive a sort of blend I sampled one bacground colour and brushed it onto the other layer background, eraseing away to reveal the bottom layer sothat they were both visable. then a small crop to portrait orientation.

My daughter Amelia wanted to get in on the act, as she was wearing her Aunties American style hoodie I thought it would fit just right, so I tried a few shot using f/2.8 50mm macro to throw the background out of focus whilst keeping the bottle in focus, To try and give a high key sort of sunny healthy look I shot into the light and used my Canon 430 EXII with a Stolen diffuser set three stops down filling in the glass and Amelia to balance things out, I think it worked well?

f/2.8 1/200 sec ISO 800 50mm spot metering and focus point

Adding in some text to give it the ad look in Photoshop a small crop to remove the wardrobe distraction on the left and that it! finished 

If I were to change anything I would rename 'a new generation, the same great taste' which would perhaps emphasise a, the change to a new bottle design which is more environmentally freindly (less glass) and a new generation of consumers, namely our children, but still recongnising that the drink is still the same whatever packaging you put it in (I personally believe it tastes better in a glass bottle).

Here's the altered advert photograph:

After a discusion with Mr Steve (my lecturer) about where the viewers eye is drawn to and what could distract and improve this image I decided to remove the red sweatshirt lettering as this was fighting for attention, then I changed the bottom font colour to red which is the same colour as the Coca- Cola red thus emphasising the brand theme. Steve also commented on the rule of thirds and in this instance the bottle and the writing on the bottle and the strap line was perfectly positioned.

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