Saturday, 13 March 2010

L3 The Real Thing - Coca Cola - Product and Fashion

‘The Real Thing ‘ The Coca Cola advertising and marketing though the ages.

This blog will be used in both sections of my suggested themes of products and fashion advertising.

It all started in 1886 by Dr John Styth Pemberton who made this mixtire in the backyard of is house in Atlanta Georgia in the good old US of A. The mixture was made in a three legged brass pot and was called Coca-Cola by his book-keeper Frank M Robertson which he wrote in the flowing script that later developed into the corporate curves recognized across the globe.

The astute business man, Asa G Candler who was also a wholesaler and drug store owner purchased the rights to Coca-Cola for $2.300 three years after Pemberton died. The recipe which became known as 7X has remained a guarded secret ever since.

The first outdoor advertisement of the brand was outside Jacobs' pharmacy in Atlanta and was labeled 'delicious and refreshing'. A great believer in the power of advertising Candler promoted the brand  using every opportunity available to him such as trays, calendars, glasses, pocket knives, playing cards etc, etc,

by 1885 he had turned the brand into a national drink this success was  the use of the independent bottler system which allowed other companies the rights to produce, bottle and distribute it. Candler was also quick to use the value of celebrity endorsement such as Cary Grant, Loretta Young and Jean Harlow.

in 1916 the straight bottle was replaced with the contoured bottle which is now one of the Coca-Cola trademarks. as life sped up posters became larger and simpler to allow for quick image and logo recognition. To promote the sale of Coca-Cola in the winter months Arcy Lee of D'Arcy advertising agency proposed to use Santa Claus, for the next 33 years this was used on posted painted onto canvas, depicting Santa asa jovial man with a hearty laugh, twinkly eyes enjoying a well earned 'pause that refreshes'.

Coca-Cola was also quick to spot the potential to use television as an advertising resource, again using popular personalities of the day ranging from radio stars the 'Limelighters'  to 'the Supremes', the' Four Seasons' and the 'Moody Blues'.  The 1970s was the period of groundbreaking TV advertising as a new form of entertainment starting with the one with 30 people from different countries singing along to I'd like to buy the world a home... . 

to the latest James Bond advert.

 sales of coca-cola now average 600 million drinks a day and account for nearly half of all drinks consumed worldwide in 200 countries.


Looking fabulous as a vintage Coca-Cola girl from the 20’s, country music star Taylor Swift was vibrant in red for this photo shoot for the beverage company. The flapper inspired dress sparkled on the teen queen and the wavy hair of the era was flawless as she posed for the pics in London’s NottingHill district. Pale skin, bright red lips and sequined headband all add to the beautiful shots. Love the look!! Oh and those cupcakes look delicious!


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