Monday, 8 March 2010

L3 The Pip Sessions

Hi All, 
Just starting to look at the pics from last Sunday, I think a good morning was had by all! I have only managed to edit a couple so far.

The pics below show my basic studio set up we I used in Pip's Lounge:
small softbox up high in front of Dawn, a choice of backgrounds, tri-flector to bounce and fill in shadows, then I used my other flash to flood the white background which was fitted with barn doors on to stop any stray light causing lens flair, then I turned it around to put a high light on the back of the hair.

Here's Dawn with some editing for contrast, levels a bit of patch, blur and softening, and obviously on has been changed to black and white, all done in Photoshop

Here's one of Sue using my canon f/1.8 50mm EF lens, white background and a backlight with barn doors on and a blue gel and a front window lighting Sue. I've focused on Sue's eyes, but as I had a low shutter speed It is slightly blurred, next time I will increase the ISO to raise the shutter speed.

F/1.8 - 1/20 sec - ISO 200 
Spot metering set on AV


  1. Thanks I think Jim!next time! Were doing it again?! anytime you lot, I suppose it makes a change being on the other side of the camera!!

  2. Hi
    more tech info on this jim to expand it, link with research as well please, compare and contrast to specific togs and their images.
    You are so carried away with the fun of the day you are forgetting the why.