Saturday, 6 March 2010

1.3 - L3 In the begining there was darkness!

Where did it all start?
In the beginning there was darkness..... then there was a light it could have been just a shaft of dappled sunlight through some trees striking a subject, someone noticing how the light played on this subject and wanted to draw it, paint it and much much later on photograph it.

I suppose the human race have always survived by copying things, much like chimpanzees today use a a bit of twig to stick down an ant hill and eat the ants drawn from it on the stick a method that has been passed down from generations before, the survival of the fittest!

Have a look at this!

Whats he going on about,  you say!

What I'm trying to say is that we copy what we see... how do we copy things..... by using a tool,  be it a pencil, a paint brush or a camera., ever since there has been the medium to reproduce a likeness of something man has strived to put his own spin on what he sees.

so who did this?

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