Monday, 15 March 2010

L3 High-Speed Sync

To enable me to complete the shot I want for my Coca-Cola shoot I need to be able to get some shots of splashing Coke, to this end I decided to try a few shots with water and milk.

the setup was a bowl of water on table, Canon 5D MKII on tripod with Canon 580 EXII speedlite on top bounced from the ceiling, Sigma DG EXII 50mm Macro lens, I set the camera to manual, f/8.0 - 1/2500 sec ISO between 1600 and 2500, I manually focus for a preset point and tried to make a splash near to the focal point. half way though I hadn't realised that I had change my shutter speed to 1/200 sec, I don't think it made a difference with water, but with milk I was wondering why I was missing the shot.

You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to a) get it in focus and b) catch the darn thing.

A good result for a water splash in deep bowl I decided to use a plate with a thin layer of mild to get the crown paint splash look:

OOOH this was close I had to persevere !! and.... 

The perfect milk crown, OK perhaps not the best it's a bit noisy but hey it's a start and I'm happy.

Next job to try with Coke, a lower ISO and bigger splashes, I think I'm going to have to set a rig up for a constant drip... then I have to think about the ice cube?

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