Monday, 15 February 2010

L3 Studio Shots by Alexey Ivanov

Here's a slideshow from one of my Flickr contacts: Alexey Ivanov - Studioxil

I find his photography facinating, trying to work out how he acheives his look. Thankfully he always  puts a setting description on all of his posted photos, which I look at after I've attempted to work it out myself.

Go to his website for more lighting setup info  or


  1. Is this classic modelling lighting? Have you seen the video on Joe's blog, which shows several types of lighting set-ups?

  2. Hi
    This can work as a high level of research if only you write more of what you like about it, break it down into patterns, shapes, colours, scale, light direction, focal point,see me about this as alot of people are missing the mark on this not just you.