Saturday, 27 February 2010

1.1 - L3 Statement of Intent and style direction

Ok here it is! my statements of intent...

The unit I have chosen is Studio Photography 306 within this unit I will need to produce 10 images in two themes (a total of 20 images) they must be coherent with the the themes chosen.

The equipment I will be using will be what is readily available to me, which will be a Canon 5D MKII full frame canera with 21MP sensor which has the ability to take pictures up to 1/8000 second and a usable ISO range from 100 to 6400, I will be setting the ISO to 100 to acheive athe highest quality and as in the name of still life it won't move so I can afford to take long exposures once the camera is positioned on a tripod with the shutter locked up and a remote trigger release, this will remove the chance of vibration or camera movement. I will be using the 'live veiw' mode of the camera and will zoom into the subject then manual focus and no image stabalisation (IS). I have a set of home studio flash equipment which comproses of two light units with modeling lights they have adjustable power settings and stands, one softbox and one flash through umbrella, a 5 in 1 reflector disc, a Lastolite Tri-flector II two speedlites, one set as master and one as slave, the settings can be adjusted from -3 to +3 stop, various card backgrounds, a softbox cube and hopefully a soon to be homemage light table. There may be some image manipulation and for this I will be using a Apple iMac, Adobe CS4 and ``Adobe Bridge to make my selections

My first theme is products, I have chosen this theme to show technical ability in the field of still life and lighting techniques in a studio setting, when I say studio I mean in a controlled lighting environment, the light may be natural or artificial or even a combination of both, aided with reflectors, diffusers or other methods of altering/ controlling the light which could be a snoot, honeycomb grid or a matte black panel that absorbs any stray lights.

Initially I will be taking product shots at my home studio using all of the above lighting equipment and I will also be attempting to use natural lighting with just reflectors diffusing the light further.

The affects I will be attempting to reproduce are shallow depth of field creating a similar effect as the tilt and shift lens, this should better emphasise or draw the veiwer eye to the product or the part I wish them to look at. I will also want to create a shadowless or reduced shadow image again to create a sureal high quality product.

people I will looking into:

Neal Ferris -
Charles Hopkins -
David Zimmerman -
Steve Branstein -
Rob Van Petten -
Thierry Bearzatto -
Tony Arrasmith -

My second theme is fashion pohotography which is linked to my first theme by the fact that the models are wearing a product and advertising them. The reason I have chosen this theme is mainly because it is linking in to the first theme of products


  1. Hi
    Just to make sure that you have covered all the bases, can you look through the handout and the types of info needed as shown in the statement of intent example.


  2. Hi
    This is clear statement of intent which meets the criteria as labelled.