Saturday, 30 January 2010

1.0 - L3 Start of new course City & Guilds Level 3 Studio

That's we've finally started the Burton College City and Guilds level 3 course, and...... I have already decided on what direction I'm going wahoo!

What direction are you going I hear you ask? ... well:

The Assignment  title is the 'obvious illusion' ref: SP306310 which a studio based assignment , and the units are 306 studio photography and 211 present images for viewing.

within the units you have to option to do your own thing so to speak so I have decided to do some product shots or commercial work, one section will be a shot of the product then the flip side will be a shot of the product being used. See below for examples from the web.

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  1. Hi
    Make sure that you look at the example statement of intent in the course handouts to make sure you have covered everything required as this is a little flimsy.