Sunday, 31 January 2010

L3 Macro in Softbox

Had a go at taking some product shots with a soft box, a Canon 5D MKII  and Sigma 50mm f2.8 DG Macro lens, the trouble was because I was using a full frame camera I couldn't get close enough to isolate the shot, this resulted in having to crop in and could result in loss of quality. I will try again with my 70-200mm lens and an extension tube which will able me to focus closer thus getting a closer shot. I have noticed that I will have to work on my lighting techniques and as I'm closer make sure all dust etc is cleaned up.

A bit of edditing on this one all done in photoshop RAW, a bit of crop and increase in the blacks and saturation.

Same again a crop and increase in blacks and saturation

One of my first tasks I think is to find out how other commercial photographers  achieve the polished look that I'm looking for.


  1. These are great, Jim. The sweetie is making me salivate, so it must be working.

  2. Not a bad effort, I just wish I had a 5D to work with!! Thanks for the loan of the lights though, I will try to at least emulate your images. Let me know how the pro's do it?

  3. Hi
    Can you expand out the set up a little further and can you link it to the work of a specific photographer so you can claim more criteria, work the system to aim to raise the bar, see whats missing and add it in.