Thursday, 21 January 2010

BoTPS Jan Comp - Reflections

Hi all (or am I just rambling to myself, if not please let me know by following me) just got back from my local club meet and judged comp, got a good result again (blimey that sounds conceited) a joint 1st and joint 2nd place in the Projected section and a joint 1st and joint 3rd in the Prints section, the theme for this month was reflection, here they are:

Lime Street Station

Liverpool from the docks

Reflection in a place of reflection

All of the above and more I'm entering into the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MidPhot 2010) Exhibition to see if they get selected.... watch this space! (or if it's just me in here, I'll watch this space)

Eyes windows to the soul

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  1. Hi
    No you are not rambling to yourself,
    Try to draw what you can from these shots to add value to the course to raise your grade. If you can link any part of this work and others to your themes then do even if it is not claiming directly for criteria but adds value to use of camera techniques, etc image capture/ choice of equipment/test shots...