Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mounting 5-10-09

It's not what you think...?

I borrowed a mount cutter this weekend to cut some mounts boards for my BoTPS competition photos, after sorting out the kids eating, playing, bathing, cleaning up after and finally putting to bed, shopping, and a slight bit of socialising I only actually managed Friday night. Time aside I think I've managed a pretty good first attempt, didn't have to scrap any work so in my book that's good.

This Thursday is the dead line for the entries, I'm not sure how many you can entire so I added quite a few into the projected image section, but only 3 into the printed.

Nearly forgot I've had my prints come back from DS Colour Labs with very pleasing results, 8 10" x 8"pictures @ 45p each, good value I think. The quality is very good, I had Gloss and Lustre and I much prefer the gloss, both had very good colour rendition. and a quick turn around. the only problem I had was that as I use HSBC bank the debit cards have 2 extra digits and the online system won't allow payment, you do actually complete the transaction but then get an email to contact them to pay for your pictures.

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