Saturday, 31 October 2009


Halloween's here the kids are excited, Yippee! Well they don't actually say that, it’s more like 'cool more sweets’, and that's at two and four I think I'm in for a bumpy ride? Anyway what’s Halloween all about? is it another American thing. What does it mean to me.....? well it’s just another money making scheme by the shops and a chance for teenage chavs to come round in their base ball caps and tracksuits with a bin bag cape and a tinnie asking for sweets. Did I have to take my words back not one baseball cap, teenager or plastic bin bag in sight? What we actually got was polite, young children making an excellent effort at dressing up! My faith has returned, Praise the Lord.

Here are some pictures to celebrate. All again with the Canon F1.8 on my Canon 5D MKII and 450D bodies

Roll on bonfire night, I’ve decided to make a Guy and it’s British

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